Established in 1988, Mesitechmitra Purnabangun is a national company focusing on maintenance works, mainly in plants and factories.

Throughout the years Mesitechmitra Purnabangun has relished a fast growth, along with the development of industry (plants and factories), which is rapidly advancing through the third millennium.

Despite of the unstable world economic in the coming third millennium era, plants and factories maintenance remains vital and much demanded in the industry.

We are proud to be the capable and reliable partner in supporting services for plants and factories operation and maintenance that comply professionally with national and international standards.

Our foremost factors so as to deliver good services are good human resources, maintaining work equipments, updating good conduct in management applications. Those are continuously improved since the company establishment.

Mesitechmitra Purnabangun aims to have a wider scope of involvement not only in national but also in international community.

Ir. Hari Utama Djohar

President Director