Our Services

3. Fabrication & Construction

MESITECH’s fabrication and construction team consists of experienced and competent personnel focused on delivering high quality fabrication and construction services to clients who are mainly engaged with our maintenance services. Rising to the challenges of any project, the team strictly applies international standards of quality and safety to all fabrication and construction projects.

Our fabrication workshop has been one of our major assets in delivering successful projects. The highly skilled workforce of coordinators, planners, drafters, supervisors, welders, fitters, painters, hydrotest technicians and support technicians work with sophisticated and up-to-date tools and equipment. Under strict quality control we are able to perform fabrication with productivity of greater than 350 dia.in (equivalent) with a Welding Rejection Ratio of < 3%.

Mesitechmitra provide fabrication services in order to support our maintenance service activities. Our workshop is located at Marunda, Cilincing, North Jakarta. Our workshop have the capability to perform up to 400 dia.in (equivalent) production per day, mainly to fabricate piping spool, equipment skid, CCU (Cargo Carrier Unit), Structural work and other platform structure such as Boat Landing, Deck Extension, etc.

MESITECH have the capability and experiences in performing construction work aside from our core business in maintenance services. Some of our contract require us to do Construction and repair in either Brownfield or Greenfield area. We strive for the challenge in performing construction on Brownfield where existing structures or production plant already in operation.