Our Services

2. Services : Shutdown / Turnaround Maintenance

MESITECH has extensive experience in successfully performing shutdown activities for various clients, making us your best choice as partner for your shutdown program. Each shutdown execution is carried out by a skilled and competent project management team and a group of qualified and experienced technicians.

MESITECH has numerous experience involving Turn Around (TAR) maintenance activities with our various Clients. We are experienced and competent to handle and perform numerous tasks and scope with massive workforce utilized, tight schedule and time frame, and with high quality deliverable and high safety risk to be managed.

Our ability to manage, perform and complete turnaround scopes effective, efficiently and safely within scheduled shutdown time have enable Company to reduce their downtime period for their operation activities, thus optimizing their plant production.

We are ready to support you in implementing best practices TAR activities, offering:

1. Contract/Project Management organization and execution resources to undertake your shutdown activities.
2. Manpower, Tools & Equipment supply to support your shutdown activities.